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Zoho Pricing Plans: Complete Guide for Zoho Subscriptions 2022

Zoho is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution providers, which is used to improve platform efficiency by a margin. Choosing a CRM for your business can be challenging, so if you are wondering which to choose, the answer is Zoho. The competitive pricing and customer support make it unique. The comprehensive range […]

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Modern BI & Analytics platform for end-to-end Marketing Analysis

Zoho Analytics: Modern BI & Analytics platform for end-to-end Marketing Analysis

When you know what your customer wants, it’s easier to sale out your products/services. And in today’s digital economy, companies and marketers no longer need to guess consumer behavior patterns, all they need to do is opt for marketing analytics. With marketing analytics, you can study and analyze marketing-related data to understand what the customer […]

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ZeptoMail: A Transactional Email Service by Zoho Mail

A business can be scaled up with a well-functioning and reliable transactional email service. It improves relationships with customers with personalised interaction and delivers quality information. Zepto is the shortest known unit of time and based on that concept, Zeptomail is also known for delivering ultra-fast transactional emails. Reaching that speed is impossible, but ZeptoMail […]

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Zoho-Sign-extension-for-HubSpot copy

Zoho Sign + HubSpot: A combination to consider for closing deals faster

A lot goes into sales work, from substantial amount of paperwork which includes tasks like printing, scanning and mailing documents to customer interaction. In fact, there are a few typical paper works which if go wrong can cause big troubles. For instance, acquiring manual signatures across varipus departments can be a big task, especially when […]

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zoho vault

Read To Know How Your Business Can Go Passwordless in 2022?

In today’s digital era, a lot of things happen online, more so after the pandemic hit the world. Because of things moving online, there came the need for passwords which have now become universally accepted authentication mechanisms. However, it’s been noticed that weak and stolen passwords are the reason for data breaches across the globe. […]

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zoho business integration

Automate Your Business Workflows With Zoho Integration

Zoho CRM has been gaining immense popularity for its ability to integrate with third party applications thus helping businesses succeed. Its integration is one of its powerful aspect. From finance and communication to sales and marketing, Zoho CRM offers perfect ecosystem to businesses to enhance their analytical capabilities. Here, we have mentioned 4 ways how […]

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zoho crm cpq

How To Accelerate Your Wins and Sales Cycle with CPQ Automation?

Sales document and contract management are a struggle for a lot of businesses. However, the ultimate goal of companies is to stay competitive and gain higher revenues from sales operations and to achieve these goals, top brands turn to CPQ (configure price quote) software. It helps them streamline their sales operations, automate customer data, contract […]

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Zoho Meeting introduces Whiteboard feature

They say there’s nothing like real-time collaborations but Zoho has changed this perception by introducing a whiteboard feature in Zoho Meeting. Ever since the world adopted a remote work culture, one thing that all corporates longed for was collaborations that happened in offline sessions. So, to have the same feel as the real-time meetings, you […]

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zoho marketing plus

Zoho Marketing Plus: New Unified Marketing Platform For Improved Customer Experience

In this digital era where business and market are evolving at a good pace, not keeping up with the trend can give a lag to your business or your marketing campaign. Being a marketer, you need to cope with a lot of stuff, and that’s why it becomes extremely difficult to manage multiple campaigns, channels, […]

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Zoho Marketplace: Everything you want to know

Zoho has gained popularity in the past few years as one of the prominent CRMs in the world. It comes equipped with various extensions and integration tools that are developed to solve a specific problem in any particular industry. But where to find the best extensions and integration tools, you ask? Well, this was the […]

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What are the benefits of HCM software?

There are lot many tasks that the HR department has to do. The human resource executives are in charge of managing many things, from attendance and timesheet management to employee training and leaves. All these may seem easy but managing these tasks manually is very time-consuming and tiring. This is where comes the need of […]

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Zoho Creator – Everything You Need to Know About This App Builder!

Is developing an app without coding experience is possible? Absolute Yes! Wondering how? Surprisingly, with the Zoho Creator platform, you can launch your dream business application all by yourself. With Zoho Creator, a low code application development platform, you can create custom business applications based on unique business requirements and that too without any prior […]

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Zoho People: Prominent features and enhancements that were added recently

From managing administrative tasks and attendance to employee training, the HR department has a lot many things to take care of. With many employees working remotely, managing these tasks becomes all the more difficult, especially if things are done manually. This is why implementing HR software makes things seamless. Zoho People, HR software by Zoho […]

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Zoho Apps for the HR department

The human resource department plays a vital role in any organization but its value of it was realized more than ever before after the pandemic hit. HR department helps keep the organization working seamlessly. But during the COVID situation, their work became all the more difficult and they needed tools that could help them work […]

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Most popular Zoho CRM integrations of 2021

There are many Zoho CRM integrations available on Zoho Marketplace and you may not be aware of all of them. So, as the year comes to an end, We have shortlisted the integrations that were a big hit in 2021. These will further power your CRM game as you head into 2022. Zoho sign for […]

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7 best Zoho products to use this festive season

Finally, the festive season is here and everyone is gearing up to celebrate it in full swing. While for everyone it means joy and celebration, for businesses it also means sending out gifts and greetings within their business circle. The whole process of planning out different tasks and carrying them out perfectly can be challenging […]

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Ways to increase remote team’s productivity

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we had been living our lives. One of its biggest impacts is on the global business environment where everything turned upside down with the entire workforce going on a work from home. Remote work proved like a challenge as neither the organizations nor the employees were prepared for it. […]

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Route Planner: Why it is important for optimizing field sales?

There are certain professions that to date follow the traditional way of making sales. What do we mean by this, you ask? Well, we are talking about industries like pharmaceutical and medical devices where the sales rep are required to go into the field to pitch the prospects. While on one hand, these industries think […]

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How Zoho CRM’s AI assistant can help drive profitability for your business?

The more the number of tasks performed by humans in an organization, the higher are the chances of human error. What helps alleviate these errors are solutions like artificial intelligence (AI). Zoho CRM also comes equipped with one such AI-driven conversational assistant, Zia. Zia can help reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue, improve customer […]

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